Vacuum Excavation

Air-Vacuum Excavation is a quick, non-destructive and economical way to safely locate and expose buried utilities. High pressure air is used to break up the soil, which in turn is vacuumed up into the tank. This method allows for very precise excavations without the risk of damaging buried utility lines, pipes or tree roots.

Typical applications for Air-Vacuum Excavation include:

  • Verification of the type, condition, diameter and depth of buried utilities – especially useful for identifying and resolving potential conflicts prior to construction in the design and construction phases.
  • Eliminate the need for hand-digging – saving time and labor and particularly useful for those utilities buried deep or in congested areas.
  • Test Hole Report

Air-Vacuum Excavation Procedures Using an Air-Vac Vacuum Excavator

All PULS, Inc. Air-Vacuum Excavation services are performed by highly trained field technicians.

Vacuum excavation services consist of the following steps:

  • Using an Air-Vac Vacuum Excavator, rock and soil are broken apart by air jets and the loosened material is vacuumed into a holding tank. PULS, Inc. only uses pressurized air to break apart the soil, we do not use water jets. This eliminates the risk of damage that high pressure can cause and allows PULS, Inc. to place all soils back into the excavation.
  • Utility lines are exposed, identified and recorded according to client specifications.
  • Soil is returned and compacted in the excavated area.
  • Surface structures are restored.

Air-Vacuum Excavation is a method utilized to find underground utilities that are deeply buried or located in highly congested areas. Using an Air-Vac Vacuum Excavator, this cost effective excavation method is extremely precise with almost no risk of damage to tree roots, utility lines, or pipes.

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