Who Needs Utility Line Locators?

Many may not realize it, but every community has an underground labyrinth of primary, secondary and private service networks. These lines may not have been installed at the same time, nor is it likely that a sitemap exists that includes the precise location of every possible network. Further compounding locational issues is the fact that at one or several times in the past, technicians servicing one network, may have disturbed and re-routed the location of another. Such changes likely went unrecorded. Therefore it is vitally important for property owners, residential, industrial, and commercial, before any site upgrades are performed, to engage professional utility line locators, such as PULS Inc., to ensure an optimal result.

For years, construction projects have relied upon PULS Inc. professionals to provide accurate utility locationing services, therefore avoiding costly construction delays. Beyond the One-Call system utility networks, there is a vast number of job sites where the density of buried utility structures surpasses the accuracy of standard sitemaps. As private-sector utility locators, PULS Inc. works with contractors and property owners to provide quick and accurate utility identification and marking that enables work projects to proceed without issue.

How Do Utility Locators Find Buried Lines?

PULS provides Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Electromagnetic Utility Locating, Vacuum Excavation, CCTV Pipeline Inspection, Concrete Ground Penetrating Radar, Utility Surveying, and Gas/Propane Leak Detection services. By utilizing technologies that include radio waves, electromagnetic fields, air pressure, TV and video, among others, PULS’ utility locator technicians safely and completely chart the location of buried service networks with great accuracy.

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