Underground Locating Services

Underground locating companies find, identify, and label public utility mains that have been run underground. Decades ago there might be two or three mains running under a property. Today a network of underground mains will likely include lines for telecommunication, electricity distribution, natural gas, cable television, fiber optics, traffic lights, street lights, storm drains, and lawn sprinkler system systems. In some locations, major oil and gas pipelines, national defense communication lines, mass transit, and rail and road tunnels may also compete for the same space underground.

Clearly, prior to any planned excavation or construction project, these lines must be located, identified by a standardized color-coding system, and especially, not damaged. One issue is that while documentation for individual mains may have been created when the line was installed, there will not be one document that maps the location of all the potential mains that lie beneath the surface. To further complicate matters, any documentation that had been created prior to excavation was meant to serve as a guideline. This means the document preceded the line install. If installers encountered an obstacle, such as tree roots, boulders, or other mains, they may have moved the location of the main rather than halt the project. So the accuracy of any document is also in question.

Call the Underground Locator You Can Trust: PULS Inc.

Many construction projects have mandates from local government that an underground locating company must be engaged to locate and tag all the current mains prior to breaking ground. PULS Inc., as a highly reputable underground locator, provides the most technologically advanced services to locate and identify underground utilities. We use electromagnetic equipment, ground penetrating radar, and radiolocation devices, along with the methodology and strategies that ensure an optimal result. Providing excellent customer service is our hallmark as well. For more information or to request a quote, please contact us at (800) 883-6855. We look forward to serving your project as the underground locator.