Underground Line Locating

Anyone who digs without first learning the approximate location of their underground utilities, or worse, relies solely on an out-of-date survey, could unknowingly damage the very systems they are seeking to avoid. Damaged water, sewer, electrical, and gas lines can wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties, and also impact the lives of neighbors and families. Not knowing where buried utilities are located poses serious safety and health risks, as well. For commercial projects on public land, most states and Canadian provinces mandate that before any project commences, that the “Dial 811” call center is contacted. Their representatives will take down proposed project details, and the appropriate utility companies will be dispatched to mark buried lines. This way, projects can proceed with every safety precaution considered.

No Project is Too Small to Consider Underground Line Locating Services

But what about projects that are not on public land? Such projects represent the greater percentage of excavation and construction projects, and may range from a homeowner wishing to add walkway lighting, to excavating their backyard to put in a pool, a commercial shopping center, or even a parking lot being constructed where previously there had not been any development. This is where companies that specialize in underground line locating such as PULS, Inc., provide an invaluable service. Using the latest technology, including ground penetrating radar scanning, electromagnetic utility locating services, and concrete ground penetrating radar, the precise location of underground systems and components, even propane/gas leak detection can easily be determined and mapped. Not only will these surveys pinpoint where to dig, but also the depth at which utilities are located. All of these techniques may be employed without disturbing so much as a spadeful of soil! 

Additional services include utility mapping, which may be required by local jurisdictions before building or project permits will be issued, vacuum excavation, and performing CCTV video pipeline inspections. Whatever the size of the project, knowing exactly where utilities are located can save time, expense, overruns, and ensure personnel safety. For more information regarding PULS Inc.’s underground line locating services, please contact us today at (877) 661-2530, or fill out our form for a prompt reply.