Industrial & Manufacturing Projects

PULS, Inc has provided a variety of services for industrial and manufacturing facilities ranging from residential properties to pharmaceutical facilities and tank farms.


SCOPE:  Provide on call utility locating and concrete scanning services at a large industrial site.

DESCRIPTION:  The client hired PULS, Inc. to provide utility locating, concrete Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and mapping services to a broad range of contractors working on the facility. This included utilities running both outside and inside the facility. Utility lines included fiber optics, specialty product lines, nitrogen, gas, water, electric, communication, sanitary and storm sewer systems. PULS, Inc. worked with contractors to incorporate and map utilities into existing design and construction drawings.


SCOPE:  Provide on call utility locating services at multiple sites for ongoing construction projects.

DESCRIPTION:  The client hired PULS, Inc. to provide utility locating and mapping services to support ongoing maintenance, construction and plant upgrades. This included working with both onsite staff and contractors to locate and protect existing utilities including: fire suppression systems, product waste lines, force mains and large-scale industrial service lines.

TANK FARM, Northern NJ

SCOPE:  Provide utility locating services for 42-acre petroleum tank farm and terminal.

DESCRIPTION:  The client hired PULS, Inc. to provide utility locating services throughout the BP Terminal site in preparation for environmental soil borings and remediation projects. PULS, Inc. used a combination of locatable rodders, electromagnetic locators, magnetic locators, and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate utilities and buried structures on the site. In addition PULS, Inc. worked with the client and onsite staff to develop site safety plan for utility locating and vacuum excavation services. PULS, Inc. integrated their data into client’s existing GIS.