Engineering Projects

PULS, Inc has provided a variety of services for several engineering firms ranging from projects at hospitals to natural gas pipeline projects.

Natural Gas Pipeline Project, Northern NJ

Natural Gas Pipeline ProjectSCOPE:  Provide ASCE Quality Level B Services for a proposed 9-mile, 36” natural gas pipeline along utility corridors extending from a landside entry point to a pipeline distribution point in northern New Jersey.

DESCRIPTION:  The client hired PULS, Inc. to provide utility mapping services throughout multiple potential utility corridors for a natural gas pipeline. The client’s intent was to minimize conflicts with existing utilities and transmission pipelines in the area. PULS, Inc. conducted records research with local DOTs, state and municipal agencies, refinery and pipeline companies and utility companies. In conjunction with the records research PULS, Inc. technicians began a comprehensive sweep of the route pathways in search of utility conflicts. Utilities were surveyed into the client’s aerial mapping via CAD.

Hospital Project, Wilmington DE

SCOPE:  Locate and map all utilities for design within the complex in conjunction with the new expansion project.

DESCRIPTION:  The client contracted PULS, Inc. to provide ASCE Quality Level B Services for all utilities within the hospital boundaries and surrounding streets in preparation for a 5-year expansion project. Utilities included gas, water (active and abandoned), electric, communications, sanitary and storm drains. PULS, Inc. technicians found previously unknown utility lines and structures within the site. Additionally, PULS, Inc. completed over 54 ASCE Quality Level A test holes to confirm the depth and location of utilities and structures within the project boundaries. PULS, Inc. technicians used a combination of Electromagnetic (EM) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment to locate the utilities. PULS, Inc. provided the client with a surveyed AutoCAD file of the completed work.

Defense Depot Project, Susquehanna PA

SCOPE:  Provide ASCE Quality Level B Services in preparation for new construction of a new four-story building.

DESCRIPTION:  The client hired PULS, Inc. to provide Quality Level B Services of all utilities located around the proposed site. PULS, Inc. provided records research for existing utility records and worked with the client to identify conflicts, omissions and errors known to exist on these records. PULS, Inc. provided the client with a surveyed AutoCAD file of completed work.