Private Utility Locating Services

Excavating a parking lot, breaking ground for a basement or building extension, driving pylons into the substrate, converting from oil to gas or propane heat, adding a backyard in-ground pool, walkway lighting, switching from cable TV to fiber optics, these are all some of the projects that commercial property developers as well as homeowners often consider. While each may be aware that public utilities will provide accurate mapping of where their individual lines enter a private property, that is where their responsibility ends. Also, any property surveys provided at time of purchase may be out of date or simply inaccurate.

Locate Utility Lines Before You Dig

The best way to ‘know before you dig’ and avoid a potentially dangerous situation or expensive repair, is to seek a private utility locating service solution. Subsequent lines such as telecommunication and fiber optic, may not have appeared on the survey at the time of conveyance. Some property owners are surprised to learn that tree roots have inundated and damaged concrete pipes causing water to surface and create pooling, among other issues. There are but two examples as to why it is so important to know the number of underground lines on your property, but also their precise location and depth.

Private utility locating services such as PULS, Inc., provide highly accurate Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scanning provide electromagnetic utility locating, vacuum excavation, CCTV video pipeline inspections, concrete GPR, propane gas leak detection, and utility mapping services. By hiring PULS’ private utility locating services, not only will any planned project proceed safely, but also the planned construction will closely follow its projected timeline and avoid expensive repairs and cost and time overages. Give us a call today for more information: (800) 883-6855, or if you’d prefer, fill out our convenient form.