Private Utility Locating Services in Pennsylvania

When looking to hire any contractor, experience, and reputation are the two key factors that influence decision-making. With a worldwide reach, yet committed to providing superior Pennsylvania utility locating services, Private Utility Locating Services or PULS Inc., of Bethlehem, PA, is the leading private utility locating firm in our area. Having global experience means that we can capably handle every request for utilities locating solutions. Our services include Ground Penetrating Radar, Electromagnetic Utility Locating, Vacuum Excavation, CCTV Video Pipeline Inspection, Concrete Ground Penetrating Radar, Propane Gas Leak Detection, and accurate Utilities Mapping.

PULS, Inc. specializes in locating, marking, and mapping private utility lines. These lines and networks fall outside of the jurisdiction of any state’s One-Call system. (This system is locally governed and mandates that before anyone -homeowner to construction team- breaks ground, that the public utilities be contacted concerning the locus of their lines and networks to avoid damage, and/or catastrophe.)

Accurate and Responsive Pennsylvania Utility Locating Services

It does not matter if your project falls under the jurisdiction of an Electric, Gas, Telephone or Water utility such as Penn Power, First Energy, PP&L, or Allegheny Power, PGW, PECO Energy, Columbia Gas or UGI, Verizon, Consolidated, or Frontier, Consumers, United or Pennsylvania-American. We have experience working with utility providers throughout our home state as well. PULS has the utility-locating services in Pennsylvania, that will effectively source any and all utilities, as well as to provide mapping to ensure any future projects in a given location can be carried out without concern for what lies beneath.

While our projects have taken PULS engineers around the globe, for those seeking utility locating services in Pennsylvania, we are the go-to as the local firm with world class experience.

For more information regarding PULS Inc.’s Pennsylvania utility locating services, please fill out the contact form or speak with one of our representatives at (800) 883-6855.