Are Private Utility Locating Companies Required by Law?

There are public and private underground utilities. Most states require that before excavation can begin on any construction project, that these utilities -both public and private- are located and marked. Taking this action will avoid accidents and construction delays. Mismarked utilities and digging without obtaining clearance are the leading causes of serious issues involving subterranean utility lines. Since, by law, utilities must be located and mapped before work begins, most construction firms contact their state’s 811 (State) One-Call. This contact will provide the current mapping for public utility lines, such as electricity, water, sewer and natural gas systems, only. Public utilities end when they reach a privately owned tract of land, such as a homeowner’s property.

When Do Private Property Owners Need Private Utility Locating Companies?

Many homeowner-generated construction projects, such as replacing oil tanks, excavating for a pool, replacing a driveway, landscaping, or remodelling a walkway, take place on private property. However, public utilities run from the street to the individual home or commercial building’s meters, transformers, vaults, values, or junction boxes. When digging for a project on private property, individual property owners are liable for damage, not just to their own lines, but neighbors as well. The property surveys that homeowners receive when they buy their property may no longer be accurate. Weather, tree roots, ground-water, line repairs, and many other instances may have taken place since buying their premises, or the survey may not have been accurate to begin with.

The solution is to contact private utility locating companies and hire one that will both locate and map the current location of all underground utilities, before you dig. PULS Inc. provides fast and highly efficient utility-system locating services utilizing the latest technology. Before considering a project such as extending electrical, telephone or cable, water supply, or propane or septic lines to your garage, pool, detached apartment, pool house, irrigation system, pool heater, gas grill, buried oil tank, invisible pet fence, landscape lighting, generators and more, call PULS Inc. Please use our convenient contact form or speak with one of our representatives at (800) 883-6855.