What to Expect from Pipeline Inspection Companies

The best pipeline inspection companies have the experience that enables them to offer a solution for every contingency. Pipeline inspection companies are generally hired to locate utility pipelines such as gas, water and other energy conduits, and ensure that these are working properly. A major consideration is whether or not utility service will have to be halted during the inspection, or if a thorough examination may be carried out without any service disruptions.

PULS, Inc. has extensive experience in performing routine and specialized utility pipeline inspections. We provide Closed Circuit Television Inspection (CCTV), services which offer a cost-effective means to gauge the interior condition of conduit, sewer and drain piping. This service permits our clients to not only view the condition of their facilities, but also to determine if maintenance and/or repairs are necessary prior to excavation.

How to Pinpoint and Perform a Pipeline Repair

PULS equipment provides accurate information and locationing, whatever the diameter of the pipe. Our mini push camera is used to inspect pipelines that are two to six inches in diameter, the general size of service lines. PULS’ transporter inspects and images pipes and conduits from 6” to 36”. Every PULS’ system provides video, still image capture and data logging. To facilitate making pipeline repairs, each unit records locating sondes which provide the exact location from ground level. This eliminates guesswork and additional excavation. Our clients appreciate this feature as it saves them time and money.

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