Need a Pipe Locating Service?

We have all heard about unpleasant water main breaks in urban areas. Sometimes those infrastructures have been well over a hundred years old. How many of us know how old the pipes that carry water, septic, and sewage from the street into our home are? The fact is that many of these pipelines had been constructed from ceramic or metal. Metal that is exposed to moisture, heat and cold, will degrade over time. Ceramic, too, can be cracked and fissured from freezing temperatures, excavations, even ruptured by tree roots. Before removing or adding landscaping, excavating for a pool, installing walkway lighting, or a host of other residential projects, engaging a pipe locator service such as PULS Inc., can mean the difference between success and expensive repairs or worse outcomes.

Other scenarios that involve a need for an accurate pipe locator include commercial projects where a proposed new utility pipeline could conflict with existing utilities and transmission pipelines in a given area. Having an accurate map of all utility route pathways can prevent costly project delays, and prevent accidents.

A Pipe Locator Our Clients Rely On

Commercial and industrial expansion projects on private property as well as areas not serviced by One-Call require pipe locator services as well to ensure not only the existence of any previously unmapped utilities and services, including active and abandoned gas, water, electric, communications, sanitary and storm drains, but also their individual depth to avoid conflict. We stand by our work and are fully accountable as well. Utilizing several techniques and technologies including Electromagnetic (EM) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), PULS Inc.’s professional team will not only locate existing pipes and services, but also provide a surveyed AutoCAD file of the completed work.

At PULS Inc., we strive to meet the varied requirements of homeowners and commercial and industrial projects. When your project needs highly accurate underground utilities pipe locating services, call us at (877) 783-5038, or detail your request and submit our form for a prompt response.