Marcellus Shale Play


PULS, Inc is now offering their comprehensive Utility Asset Management services for drilling companies, municipalities and other stakeholders in need of locating, identifying and auditing of buried utilities such as electrical lines, pipelines, wellheads and water/sewer lines that fall outside of the PA One-Call system.

One phone call to PULS at 800-883-6855 or submit the form below- that’s all it takes to access to expert Utility Locating & Mapping and Utility Asset Management services.  Our highly experienced staff is ready to service your utility locating needs.  PULS, Inc is structured to react promptly and allow flexibility in the scheduling of projects that require immediate attention.


Well Field Mapping, upstate pa & ny

Scope:  Locate and map well head locations, valves, manholes, vaults and utilities within the Marcellus Shale Play.

Description:  PULS, Inc. was originally engaged to provide 100’x100’ clearance around existing well head locations. Based upon the results of these efforts PULS, Inc. had its work areas expanded to include all utilities located within the well fields. This is an ongoing project.

350 mile Natural Gas Pipeline, oh & mi

Scope:  Provide Vacuum Excavation Test Hole Services to confirm the location and depth of a pipeline extending for over 350 miles.

Description:  PULS, Inc. provided crews and customized equipment to provide vacuum excavation services over a 12” high pressure natural gas pipeline. PULS, Inc. confirmed the location and depth of the pipeline over its 350 mile length performing over 500 test holes. PULS, Inc. also provided utility locating and mapping services for this project.