The Importance of Private Underground Utility Locating Services Companies

More private citizens will utilize underground locating services in the coming decades. Most homeowners will replace underground systems, or upgrade existing components, or even choose to re-route overhead wires underground. They may have no idea that before any excavating commences, a current and accurate map of their underground utilities and other services as detailed by a underground locating service, is mandatory. Many who have or plan to install new sewers, walkway lighting, sprinkler systems, secondary electric lines to detached garages and septic, and who do not engage a private underground utility locating services firm could be in for an unpleasant or even dangerous experience.

There is a common belief among homeowners that private utilities such as those that extend from the street to their houses have been charted and are available by going online or by making a phone call. Not so! Private buried utilities are generally not marked by public utilities. However, upon closing on their house, homeowners will receive a survey that includes the location of underground utilities. It is a mistake to believe that these surveys are accurate. Therefore it is not only imperative, but also mandated by most municipalities, that before any construction project, private or commercial in nature, that one hires a reputable underground locating service, such as PULS, Inc.

Proper Private Utilities Mapping is Required By Law

Therefore, before you, your contractor, excavator, site planners and engineers, even your landscaper digs anywhere on your property, call PULS, Inc. Our underground locating service professionals are highly experienced in the use of ground penetrating radar equipment, electromagnetic utility locating,vacuum excavation, CCTV video pipeline inspection, concrete ground penetrating radar, propane and/or gas leak detection, and most important, utility mapping. We not only protect our clients from possible expensive property damage, but also from the dangers of digging without knowing where gas and water lines are truly located. We invite you to contact us at (877) 783-5038 regarding private underground utility locating services, or to submit our Client Contact Form for a prompt reply.