Propane/Gas Leak Detection

On the job safety includes numerous safety inspections. Of particular importance are routine surveys of gas and propane systems to ensure that these are maintained and in sound working order.To ensure the safety of all who live and work around gas systems, two types of gas leak detection surveys are performed every year, mobile surveys and walking surveys.These surveys are compliant with agency regulations and mandated by the Department of Transportation Pipeline Safety.

PULS Inc. Provides Professional Gas and Propane Leak Detectors


This is a vehicle based survey of natural gas service points and mains. The mobile search by gas or propane leak detectors includes tests of the atmosphere near gas mains. These points are but are not exclusive to:

  • Gas, electric, telephone, sewer, and water system manholes
  • Cracks in the pavement and sidewalks
  • Any suspect location(s) that could offer an opportunity for gas leak detection.


This survey involves a walking check of gas leak service points. Gas and propane leak detectors will inspect every service point to target possible sources of a present or future gas leak. Areas to be checked include:

  • Mains
  • Services
  • Valves
  • Meters
  • Any source located on properties or in areas not accessible or practical for vehicle based surveys

If leaks are found, they are documented and reported to our Client’s specific requirements. GPS mapping of leak locations and GIS integration is also available. All of our consultants are operator qualified, DOT tested, and certified by the Midwest Energy Association. PULS technicians are extremely qualified to handle any size survey, ranging from small, one day projects to year-long surveys. For more information about gas leak detection, please click here to fill out our form, click here to email us, or call PULS, Inc. at 1-800-883-6855.