Gas Leak Detection and Prevention Tips

On the job and around your home, vigilance in performing routine maintenance is extremely important. This is especially true for those who work in the manufacturing, warehousing, and other industrial sectors. Any facility where there are gas and/or propane systems present, should perform two types of gas leak detection surveys every year- mobile and walking surveys. Not only will these ensure the safe handling of machinery and facility maintenance, but also the safety of everyone present. In addition, such surveys will comply with agency regulations, as well as Department of Transportation Pipeline Safety mandates.

Gas Leak Detection Tips

Inside their premises, residential property owners may engage a home inspector who will detect leaks using equipment designed for that purpose. If any leaks are found, these will be tagged, the premises vacated, and the local utility’s emergency unit called for immediate remediation. But what about underground leakage from damaged or degraded lines? For private industries, when the plant facility has been inspected, how to determine the state of underground lines and other potential lead hazards under the property’s parking lots, driveways and grounds?

Property owners seeking gas leak detection services, should contact a reliable, and trusted underground utilities locator, such as PULS, Inc. In addition to our walking and mobile surveys, which detect leaks from gas, electric, telephone, sewer and water system manholes, we will also also inspect mains, valves and meters. If leaks are detected PULS, Inc technicians may utilize one or more of the most advanced technologies available today, including ground penetrating radar, closed circuit TV, vacuum excavation, and electromagnets to locate the precise source of the leak. For more information, call us at (877) 661-2530 or fill out our form.