Concrete Ground Penetrating Radar

Concrete is one of the most difficult surfaces to penetrate. Yet on construction sites and where field work is slated, it is imperative to locate structural barriers prior to drilling, coring or cutting cement or concrete. Unseen rebar, live conduits and post-tension cables could cause damage and/or injury. Cutting and coring professionals as well as those in the construction trades, rely on Concrete Ground Penetrating Radar (C-GPR) and Concrete Scanning for accurate detection of obstructions prior to drilling, etc.

PULS Inc. Provides Concrete Scanning Services

The scanners use a radio antenna system to detect obstructions. These tools can be extremely sensitive and used in the detection of wires and other fine targets. Depth of field also plays an important role in detecting possible obstructions buried in concrete, such as flooring. PULS Inc. uses highly accurate C-GPR equipment that offers only a minute sacrifice in detail between their systems that detect to an 18” depth or 4.5’ depths.

Concrete Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment is specifically designed for concrete scanning including floors, walls, columns and other structures constructed from this material. The higher frequencies used by Concrete GPR equipment allow it to clearly resolve rebar, conduit, post-tensioning cables and voids. Depending on the location, PULS, Inc. will utilize scanning equipment that enables users to detect unseen obstructions from levels as deep as 4.5’ to extremely fine targets that are buried up to 18” deep. Construction codes dictate that most rebar and conduit will be buried no more than 3’ deep. For these projects a medium depth concrete scanning system will be utilized.

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