CCTV Video Pipeline Inspection

When considering purchase of an industrial property, or troubleshooting a drainage issue at a commercial development, pipeline inspection companies such as PULS, Inc. use CCTV video pipe inspection equipment to take a closer look without the need for initial excavation. Closed Circuit Television Inspection provides an easy and cost-effective means to observe and record the interior condition of conduit, sewer and drain pipes.

CCTV inspection allows our clients to not only see the condition of their facilities, but also to determine the type and nature of any repairs prior to excavation. Knowing the extent of any maintenance and repair work by minimally-invasive means, provides cost-savings and faster repairs and maintenance efforts.

CCTV Video Pipe Inspections Performed by PULS, Inc.

The PULS mini push camera can inspect pipes from 2” to 6” in diameter, which is ideal for inspecting conduits, small laterals and service lines.  Our powered transporter can inspect and image pipes ranging 6” to 36”.

Every PULS system provides video recording, still image capture, and data logging capabilities. If one or more repairs are required, the locating sondes on each unit will provide the exact location from ground level. This will enable excavators to pinpoint the repair site, thereby minimizing the size and cost of any necessary excavations.

Even if all systems appear normal, an expensive problem may be undetected in its early and easily treatable stages. Consider the services of a reliable pipeline inspection company, such as PULS, Inc., to perform routine maintenance on your underground systems. This ounce of prevention will likely save costly repairs and interruption of services later.

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